Why Vertical?

Why choose us? Our specialty and passion is direct source recruitment. Our Executive Recruiters possess strong reputations for providing their clients with an exceptional level of customer service, a never-ending pursuit of top talent in their respective fields and an understanding of current market trends.

Our Approach

Many recruiters are looking for an easy path to recruitment. Our approach is very disciplined, thorough, strategic; and most importantly respectful of both the client and candidate’s time. We prefer to make an investment in building long-term relationships with our clients through understanding the role responsibilities in depth, considering Management expectations and understanding the benefits of joining the organization. As a result, Vertical HR is able to present opportunities in the best light possible in order to attract those passive candidates.

Candidates in turn are fully vetted by our Recruiters prior to presentation for any opportunities. We prefer to find the “untapped” candidates who stand out amongst their peers in their respective field of expertise. Clients are given the opportunity to explore a pool of candidates who they would not typically be exposed to through traditional methods such as job boards, large resume databases or social network sites.


What differentiates us from the rest is that we are careful not to over promise and under deliver. Instead we prefer to be forthright and open with both candidates and clients to ensure that they are aware of the efforts taking place to make the right connection. This openness is a key element in the success of a long term relationship. We look to partner with exceptional organizations as we connect ourselves with exceptional candidates. The result? A perfect match!

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